New duo album – Pendulum out on 2 nov’18 !

The new album by Bram Weijters and Chad McCullough, Pendulum is a 25-movement suite. Inspired by the musical genius of Bach and his ordering of musical works like the Well Tempered Klavier and the Goldberg Variations, Pendulum is a search to organize the musical moods and atmospheres Bram and Chad hadve developed over time into one overarching form, in a combination of composition and their own musical voices as improvisers.

The music based on a common musical cell that evolves through 24 pieces, progressing with a structured order through all twelve key-centers twice, with a final reprise at the end, just as a clock circles twice a day through tweve hours, before the next day.

The album is a co-release of Monks and Thieves (B) and Shifting Paradigm Records (USA).

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