New duo album – Pendulum out on 2 nov’18 !

The new album by Bram Weijters and Chad McCullough, Pendulum is a 25-movement suite. Inspired by the musical genius of Bach and his ordering of musical works like the Well Tempered Klavier and the Goldberg Variations, Pendulum is a search to organize the musical moods and atmospheres Bram and Chad hadve developed over time into one overarching form, in a combination of composition and their own musical voices as improvisers.

The music based on a common musical cell that evolves through 24 pieces, progressing with a structured order through all twelve key-centers twice, with a final reprise at the end, just as a clock circles twice a day through tweve hours, before the next day.

The album is a co-release of Monks and Thieves (B) and Shifting Paradigm Records (USA).

Duo album coming up

The two co-leaders Chad McCullough and Bram Weijters are finalizing a duo release:¬†‘feather’.
Clouds of keyboardsounds, acoustic piano, and Fender Rhodes are combined with lyrical, subtle trumpet playing.

In march and april they will do a belgian release tour in combination with some concerts in quartet. ¬†stay tuned….

New album + new belgian tour!

We’re looking forward to presenting our new album ‘Abstract Quantities‘ during a belgian CD-release tour !

You can check all the concert details on the shows page,

there’s a preview on the videos page,

and you can already listen to two tracks on the albums page.

Hope you like it,


2014 Belgian Tour

April – May 2014 marks the fifth anniversary of the quartet with another busy tour though Belgium. Stay tuned for details on a new album, which is in the works… and please come check out the band live! Tour dates, and more information are available at the Shows page.


Krasnodar Jazz Festival

In November the band will travel to Krasnodar, Russia for the International Krasnodar Jazz Festival GG Jazz-II. Our trip there will include a few performances, a jam session, clinics, and lots of new friends. Stay tuned for lots of updates and behind-the-scenes action… or, better yet, catch us live November 7th & 8th!

November European CD Release

The ‘Urban Nightingale’ European CD release tour was a huge success! Throughout November we toured the new music. With great crowds, incredible festivals, a stop at the Belgian label, late-night hangs as only the Belgians can do… no one will ever be the same! Thanks to everyone who made each concert such a huge success. We’re looking forward to some exciting news in 2014 – stay tuned!